Spring Landscape Services in Sterling Heights, Michigan

Spring Landscape Services in Sterling Heights, Michigan

Spring is a fantastic time of year. Evenings begin feeling warm and buds can be seen on trees as the excitement of spring is in the air.

SiteScape is here to help you. We can take on all of your spring landscape services needs to help get your outdoor living area prepared for the many months of excitement .

We can trim your shrubs of winter branches in order to make room for fresh growth, cut back perennials so the new growth can sprout, and get left over leaves, debris and last year’s annuals cleaned up and removed for a new start.

Also we’re able to setup your patio furniture, plant window boxes or pots, unroll that water hose so when you get home that day after work, you show up to a clean beautiful surrounding just waiting for you to take advantage of.


SiteScape Spring Landscape Services include:

  • Bed Weeding
  • Remove any debris or leaves blown into beds, lawn and drives
  • Edge along Sidewalks, Drives and Beds
  • Install Annuals and Flowers
  • Mulching
  • Inspection of plants for signs of disease or insects
  • Prune shrubs and ornamental trees
  • Air sweep all Hard Surfaces upon completion and haul away all debris material

Do you need Spring landscape maintenance in Shelby Township, Michigan?
We are taking appointments for Oakland and Macomb counties. For more information call:586-739-5044

Spring Landscape Services in Sterling Heights, Michigan

SiteScape is a Macomb County landscaping company offering spring landscape services in Sterling Heights, Michigan. Call us today to get on the schedule for March. It might seem reasonably early but March & April are the 2 busiest months in the Landscaping industry, scheduling today ensures no wait and that we can get to your home.

For Spring Landscape Services in Sterling Heights, Michigan, Call: 586-739-5044